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Heart disease.


Invasive cardiology.

Coronary angiography.

Endovascular Doppler diagnostics.

Tomographic virtual coronary angiography.

Isotope of the vessels of the myocardium.

The most common cause of illness and death on the planet – cardiovascular death myocardial infarction and sudden death. In connection with

the above modern cardiology is not only aimed at sick people, but also perfectly healthy.

Cardiovascular screening should take place every healthy person over the age of 45 years. This is a set of activities that includes

stress test, Doppler of the heart. 24-hour Holter monitoring of ECG, lipid profile, examination by a cardiologist. screening of homocysteine and special

of blood to identify the causes of thrombosis.

In patients with abnormal stress test high risk of coronary heart disease is the virtual coronary

tomographic angiography. The patient is on the scanner, gets into a vein contrast which is selectively directed into the coronary arteries

and within 15 seconds a cardiologist all longitudinal and transverse sections of the vessels of the heart on the screen. There is no need to have a catheter in

blood vessels, there is no bleeding at the site of penetrate of the catheter, the patient should not remain a day of hospitalization, as it happens

in the case of invasive angiography, and immediately gets off the scanner and requires no medical supervision, the quality and resolution of this

research allows us to decide on further treatment strategy with the highest accuracy.