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Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with the study and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Main reasons for referral to a cardiologist four:

shortness of breath



pain in my heart.

All these symptoms are a definite sign of the disease, and are therefore to be considered reason for immediate referral to the cardiologist.

The second group of symptoms, which are paying less attention, but which also clearly indicates their cardiac nature:

frequently occurring high blood pressure,

frequent skin discoloration (sudden redness or blanching),

sweating (literally – before the advent of perspiration),

chronic fatigue,

persistent swelling of the feet,

intermittent causeless anxiety (especially night terrors),

changes in the rhythm of the heart (skipping of heart beat, heart palpitations).

In addition to these symptoms, there is even less noticeable (or, conversely, more visible, but it is not correlated with heart disease symptoms:

pain in lower jaw (pain may simulate toothache at the same time all teeth);

shooting pains under the shoulder blade;

pain in the hand,

migratory pain,

nausea (up to symptoms similar to poisoning),

abdominal pain,

flickering before the eyes.

The appearance of any of them means that it is necessary to go on reception to the doctor-the cardiologist . and the sooner the better. Given the importance of the disease and its terrible consequences, you must find an exceptionally good cardiologist experienced and qualified.

In addition to the appearance of dangerous symptoms that require immediate medical intervention, consultation with a cardiologist should be obtained:

anyone who will be having surgery,

anyone who has high blood pressure,

persons with diabetes,

people with excess body weight,

all persons of both sexes over the age of 40,

everyone has bad habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse, etc.),

anyone found issues with the cerebral circulation.

Department of cardiology “Deletelink” offers a program examination for the diagnosis of the following diseases:

hypertension (hypertension) of all degrees,




chronic heart failure,

metabolic syndrome,


the chronic fatigue syndrome.

In addition, the cardiology Department of the “Deletelink” provides the following services:

conduct rehabilitation programs after myocardial infarction,

carry out measures for prevention and to prevent recurrence of myocardial infarction,

is comprehensive individual program of recovery,

observation of cardiovascular disease in pregnant women,

consultation with a cardiologist in Moscow (for non-resident patients).

The advantages of cardiology “Deletelink”

Department of cardiology “Deletelink” is in the center of Moscow, near the metro station “Kurskaya”.

The Department is equipped with the latest cardiovascular equipment that allows you to quickly make a diagnosis.

Full cardiological examination is held for 1-2 days. The speed of the survey from being stored in the database with the ability to survey and control the state of the patient in dynamics.

Issuing a full qualified opinion on the results of the survey with the appointment of an individual scheme of treatment

The staff consists of only experienced cardiologists.

We perform all types of cardiac tests. If necessary, referral to other experts:

endocrinologist (with a suspected metabolic disorder and the presence of hormonal disruption),

neurologist (in case of vegetative-vascular nature of heart disease),

phlebologist (for suspected vascular changes causing heart pain),

therapist (with increased nervous excitability).

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