2nd cardiology Department2 cardiology Department was opened in 1976. He headed the Department of honored doctor of Russia, candidate of medical science, associate Professor Dolgopol N. And. which laid the foundations of those traditions in the treatment and diagnosis of cardiac patients, which in our time are relevant.

Since 1975 GKB №52 is a clinical base of the Department of postgraduate faculty of MSMSU.And.And.Evdokimova. During all these years the Department regularly collaborates with the 2nd cardiology Department as a base, conducting teaching and research work in cardiology and therapy. All treatment and diagnostic work of the Department are unified by the office staff and the Department that allows you to keep diagnostic and treatment process at a high professional level. Continue reading

Your personal cardiologistOperation healthy heart we do not usually perceive. It often beats only in moments of strong emotions – from joy or anxiety, love or hate.

Symptoms for treatment to a cardiologist:

pain or discomfort in the chest

the feeling of shortness of breath or shortness of breath

an increase or decrease in blood pressure (the characteristics are the same for both conditions: dizziness, flickering “flies” in the eyes, headache, nausea, weakness)

any unexplained loss of consciousness Continue reading

INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGYEffective treatment for cardiovascular disease is interventional cardiology. This method of cardiac interference with the use of a catheter is used to treat cardiovascular diseases. In interventional cardiology catheter is used for the correction of damaged blood vessels or areas of the heart, often avoiding major surgery.

Our interventional cardiology program is intended for people suffering from angina (angina pectoris) – a typical manifestation of chronic ischemic heart disease.

Partner sanatorium “Castle Phoenix” is the Budapest Cardiology Center-Institute of SOTE (www.kardiologia.hu), which employs the well-known cardiologists and medical professionals under the direction of the leading Hungarian cardiologist Professor Bela Merkel.

The program includes: the preoperative period, a full medical examination, surgery, rehabilitation programme in the resort for 13 days Continue reading

Pediatric cardiologist in Moscow. Children's medical center "Markoska"Pediatric cardiologist

A pediatric cardiologist is responsible for diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the cardiovascular system in children. The causes of each the diseases of heart and vessels lie in childhood and often appear only as you grow and Mature. The number of pathologies of the cardiovascular system in children has been increasing lately. Each year the number of children in congenital malformations of the heart, which is most often associated with hereditary factors or genetic defects, hosting the mother during pregnancy certain drugs.

A good pediatric cardiologist uses numerous instrumental methods for diagnosis and examination of children with heart diseases, cardio-vascular system. A good pediatric cardiologist works closely with the children’s doctors of other specialties and a good pediatric cardiologist has positive reviews from parents of children (a paediatric cardiologist reviews, a pediatric cardiologist of Moscow). Continue reading

Pediatric cardiologyPediatric cardiology is the study of the diseases of heart and vessels in children.

In our center, consult and treat young patients highly qualified, experienced doctor with excellent results, trained on all the narrow issues of pediatric cardiology. We have all the necessary methods of examination of children with heart disease and blood vessels: echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, stress echocardiography,

laboratory research, etc. with us You will be able to get accurate answers to the questions:

whether Your child is diseases of the cardiovascular system Continue reading

Consultation with a cardiologistThe clinic Althea employs some of the best cardiologists in Nizhny Novgorod. They will diagnose, prescribe the necessary treatment and, if necessary, an additional examination. The cardiology clinic Althea equipped with the latest generation equipment brands Schiller. 12-channel electrocardiograph has a high accuracy and can even decipher the cardiogram that necessarily duplicated transcription and description of the ECG doctor. You can also do ECG at home with decryption, inspection and consultation of the physician-cardiologist. Continue reading

The CardiologistPatient testimonials I Want to thank the cardiologist T. I. Makeev from her experience and proper recommendations for two visits have managed to normalize blood pressure, which are unable to make other doctors for 1.5 years. Thank You very much! I recommend-a very competent professional and pleasant woman!


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